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DON’T Pay for Likes for your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fraud – Looks like Facebook’s as revenue is based around fake likes

The Handmadeology Facebook fan page has over 44,000 fans and I have NEVER paid for likes. I have grown the Handmadeology following organically, which means our fans are engaged!

Here is a screen shot from the Handmadeology fan page insights:

likes are from

As you can see most of our fans are from the U.S.

Join me live this month for an exclusive webinar, where I will be sharing my exact method I used to grow my Facebook fan base to 40,000+.

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40 fans



One of the topics I will be covering is how I got results on my fan page post like in the picture below without paying for advertising.

reach godaddy


blog ad1


Have you paid for like for your fan page?

Here is how you check to see where your fans are from:

Head over to your fan page and click on your likes.

faceboo likes

Once you are there click on the people tab.

facebook reach




I’ve paid for likes, on a very small budget when I first started my facebook page. I only used the “Fans of your page and their friends” option – not sure if that makes any difference to the statements in the videos above… :/

Overall though I’m fairly happy with where my likes are from etc. Breakdown of the top 6:

UK: 706
US: 69
Ireland: 17
Canada: 8
Italy: 6
Australia: 5

And then…. india, egypt, mexico and singapore. all with only 1-2likes per country. Fine by me!

What date is the webinar? Hope I haven’t missed it :/

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