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New Content for March 2014

Here are the new updates and materials for the month of March!


Quick and Easy Setup for
Grabbing Attention Fast

Unlike some other countdown timer solutions, this plugin makes it easy for you to add a compelling timer to your sales and download pages and contest entry forms. Because it’s a WordPress plugin, all it takes to install it is:

  • Upload the zip file right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Choose your theme and colors (or leave the default).

That’s it! You’re now ready to add your countdown timer to any post or page.

When you do, you’ll find a variety of options to help your timer fit any style of page or subject matter:

  • Countdown number of days or to a specific date.
  • Show a custom message when your timer expires.
  • Automatically remove timer when your promotion ends.
  • Customize the display to include (or not) days, weeks, hours, or minutes.
  • Light or dark theme to match any website.
  • Advanced options for even more customization.

In fact, with a little CSS skill, you can easily make the WordPress Countdown Timer look and act exactly the way you like. Because its made for ease of use, the WordPress Countdown Timer comes with its own custom CSS file, which is easily accessible from the plugin options page.

Put an end to procrastination and improve your conversion rates with a well-placed timer that lets readers know exactly when your offer ends. Knowing they have only a few hours (or minutes) remaining will not only encourage them to make quicker decisions, it will prevent them from simply bookmarking your site for later – because we all know later never comes.

And with all the distractions on the Internet today, it’s just not enough to mention the limited-time component of your offer. A bold, animated countdown timer lets visitors know in an instant that they need to pay attention because this offer won’t last. No need to read the fine print or study the copy for a date because everything they need to know is right there in an easy-to-read and understand format.


We had our first live group coaching call this month and it was a pack hour long session!


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