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Starting an Etsy Shop? Here are 8 Articles You Must Read First

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Article by: Jenny Hoople
Lots of people have been asking me lately what they should know about setting up a shop on Etsy.  Here I’ve gathered together the articles that have been golden nuggets of advice for me in a sea of information.  Know at the beginning that making amazing products is only half the battle, the other half of your time will be making sure that the right people are aware of them.  I’ve found that the marketing part of owning an indie craft business is just as fun and creative as the making part.  If you start reading these articles and it all seems boring and you’re disappointed that there are no quick-fixes, then you’ll want to take aside some time to really evaluate what you want to do with your creative impulse.  Maybe selling online isn’t for you?  If you start getting excited by the articles and absolutely can’t wait to dive in, then go for it!

  1. The first set of articles that you want to bookmark and begin your reading adventure with is the Etsy Seller’s Handbook. Just what it sounds like, everything and anything you should know about selling on Etsy!  (321 Etsy Tip Articles)
  2. Find out who your ideal customer is so you know how to market to them, and what to make for them.
  3. Take great pictures.  This can be achieved with the most modest set up, I have a Canon Powershot ELPH, a big north-facing window, a white piece of paper and two pieces of white matboard that bounce light back at the item.  You can edit with free photo-editing tools, my favorite is  The rest is just using your artistic eye to create great shots!
  4. Before you start writing your item titles and descriptions, learn the principles of Search Engine Optimization and find out what keywords to use. People can’t find your items without it!  Especially think of keywords as they relate to your ideal customer.  Would the sort of person you’re trying to sell to type in “colorful boho earrings” or “colorful gemstone earrings” or “cute colorful earrings”?  Think about it!
  5. Now you can begin writing your Etsy item descriptions.  Be sure to include all the technical specs of your item, how wide, how big, what size, what color, how heavy, who’s it for, etc.  Write the description as if there’s no picture to show your item.
  6. Make sure that when you’re writing your Etsy descriptions, that you’re telling your story, that way customers can relate to you and see why your items are so special, which will make it more likely that they’ll buy from you because they trust you.
  7. Now you can start promoting your Etsy shop through authentic and meaningful social networking.
  8. This will include writing a meaningful, helpful and informative blog.  You want to write about your craft, but not in a BUY MY STUFF screaming sort of way.  Write in a friendly, this is my inspiration, how I work, what I know, the service I provide sort of way.
  9. Have patience!  It takes a while to get established and start making sales 🙂 It was 3 months before I sold something on Etsy and a full year before I started to feel like I was getting the hang of things and here I am two years after setting up shop, and I finally feel like I may just know what I’m doing and that this may in fact become a viable source of income.  It takes time to build your customer base and to get your name out there, but it’s worth it!!

Happy crafting friends, and good luck to you!

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